South Africa Post Office celebrates the World Cup Rugby Champions with a set of new stamps

Published Jan 21, 2024


The South African Post Office announced earlier this week that it issued a set of international and standard rates stamps to celebrate the 2023 Springbok World Cup Rugby Champions.

The Standard Postage stamp features a festive scene of a rugby field with a golden rugby ball placed for a penalty kick.

The design of the International postage stamp features a golden rugby ball surrounded by a typographic design of the words “World Champions 2023” that includes the three previous years in which the Springboks won the championship.

“Given the national importance of the 4th win by the Springboks of the Rugby World Cup, it was decided that a special issuance would be of value to stamp collectors and users. The historic 4th win by the “Bokke” elicited a spirit of unity, patriotism and optimism in South Africa and created a wave of “green and gold” joy throughout the country. The return of the Springboks at OR Tambo airport was met with an ecstatic crowd, followed by an enthusiastic turnout of supporters for the Springboks’ national tour,“ the Post Office said in a statement.

The cost of the standard postage stamp is R5.95 per stamp and for an international stamp, R14.10.

The Commemorative envelope or First Day cover, which features each stamp rate costs R26.05.

The Post Office said that the design was handled internally by Thea Clemons of the South African Post Office Philatelic Services and signed off by the Business Rescue Practitioners.

“The cost of the issuance covered by the Department of Communications and Digital Technologies,” the Post Office further stated.