The price of petrol will be increasing on Wednesday. Picture: Karen Sandison/African News Agency (ANA)
DURBAN - This week the price of petrol will be increased to a record price of R16 a litre. 

According to the Department of Energy, from Wednesday 93 octane will go up by 23 cents a litre and the price of 95 octane will be increased by 26 cents. 

Besides petrol, the prices of diesel and illuminating paraffin will also increase too. Diesel will go up by to 24 and 26 cents a litre while illuminating paraffin will be increased by between 22 to 30 cents. 

The Automobile Association (AA) said the increase in the petrol price is concerning but it is a result of the rand weakening against the US dollar. 

Below is a table that shows has the price of petrol and fuel levy increased over the past 10 years: 

Year Inland Coastal Fuel levy
2008 R6,92 R7,16 R1,27
2009 R7,67 R7,90 R1,50
2010 R8,03 R8,27 R1,67
2011 R9,62 R9,92 R1,77
2012 R10,47 R10,82 R1,97
2013 R12,86 R13,23 R2,12
2014 R13,92 R14,33 R2,24
2015 R13,34 R13,77 R2,55
2016 R12,86 R13,44 R2,85
2017 R12,37 R12,86 R3,15
2018 R15,53 R16,02 R3,37

Business Report took to the streets to find out people's opinion about the petrol price increase, this is what they had to say:

Prenola Naidoo

I think the petrol price is manifestly unfair. I do understand that international relations have a huge influence on the petrol price, however, our government needs to do more to ensure the petrol price remains affordable for all consumers. Further, a substantial part of the petrol price goes towards RAF. But, as revealed recently, the RAF has been in arrears financially. Therefore there has been a squandering of cash on the RAF front. This has an impact on the petrol price. And government should be held accountable for this.

Nomathemba Gudase

She says that with the increase in petrol her budget for the month will be affected. She said it is hard to buy food because petrol is so expensive. She added that with petrol being so expensive it would be better to walk than travel by car. 

Nabeel Sheikh 

"Nabeel Sheikh called the increase in the petrol price ridiculous." "We pay more than other countries for petrol," said Sheikh.

Emily and Vanessa Baines

"The increase in the petrol price is affecting to poor the most. With the increase in petrol comes the increase in things like food and taxi fare. The government needs to find a way to subsidise food or petrol to ensure that the increase in petrol does have negative effects on poor people."

Krish Shessiah 

He said that with the increase in petrol things are getting difficult with finances. He said that he ends up spending a lot of money on petrol because he has two cars. 

Zick Zulu

"The increase in the price of petrol is ridiculous. The period between the last petrol price increase and this petrol price increase is very short."

Mubeena Hassimbhai

"I don't understand the increase in the price of petrol and bread is even cheaper than the price of petrol. Plus there is no salary increase for us even though the price of petrol has increased. Someone in Parliament needs to get their salary to be cut down."

Cedric Fredericks

"Ridiculous. Our country exports fuels to other countries. People on the ground will be affected the most."