File image: Dr. Kelvin Kemm. IOL.

CAPE TOWN - Kelvin Kemm is a nuclear physicist and the Chief Executive Officer of nuclear project management company, Nuclear Africa.

Just last year, Kemm made headlines when he revealed his plans to add 9600MW of new nuclear power to the approximately 2000MW currently produced by the Koeberg Nuclear Power Station.

According to the nuclear physicist, electricity supply and economic growth are directly linked. 

"We need more power, much more power. The announcement that the nuclear site at Dynefontein has been approved by the Department of Environmental Affairs is welcome news. The economic injection into the surrounding area and into the country in general will be significant", said Kemm. 

South Africa has also recognised the need for more energy and has since signed into 27 outstanding Renewable Energy Independent Power Purchase Agreements (REIPPA) as a sign of government's commitment to economic growth and prosperity in South Africa this week. 

Dr.Kemm earned his degrees in mathematics at the University of KwaZulu Natal. After he completed his doctorate, he joined the South African Nuclear Energy Corporation (Necsa) as a research and development scientist. 

From starting as a researcher, Kemm then branched into managing technology. Here, he found himself involved in various industrial sectors projects. 

Kemm is also a revered writer and has written interest articles in various international publications. 

He is the author of Techtrack - A Winding Path of South African Development, and At the Forefront of Weather.

The physicist is more commonly known as a columnist for Engineering News. 

        Picture: Kelvin Kemm. (Supplied). 



Kemm was appointed to the International Board of Advisors of the Washington DC-based environment and technology lobby group; The Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow in 1994. 

He serves on several boards, including the International Board of GoNuclear Inc and the American Board of: Environmentalists for Nuclear Energy. 

        Picture: Kelvin Kemm. (Supplied).