CAPE TOWN - A recent report by the World Economic Forum puts South Africa at number 146 in maths and science education out of 148 countries surveyed.

Under the skills subcategory, the quality of South Africa’s maths and science education comes in last place, behind the likes of Haiti, Lesotho, Chad, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, and Kenya.

Standard Bank recognises that the exciting opportunities can be unlocked with a strong maths and science education.

Standard Bank has collaborated with Siyavula in an effort to improve grade 8 to 12 learners' marks in maths and science.

Siyavula is an online learning platform that provides unlimited maths and science practice questions and customises the difficulty level based on the learner’s performance.

The digital app platform provides students with immediate, detailed feedback so they can track their progress throughout the year.

Siyavula takes learning to the next level as the system explored the key elements of the learning process and came up with a solution that can improve technical maths and science understanding and outcomes, all in the comfort of the students’ own home.

Standard Bank has made a discount available for online purchases, with their customers qualifying for a 50% discount on their Siyavula subscription.

The move by Standard Bank and Siyavula couldn’t have come at a better time for the students.

Global surveys show that SA students rank last in terms of maths and science as compared to the other countries.

Wayne Ramgath, Head of Youth & Middle Market Banking at Standard Bank, said they see this collaboration as a powerful way to assist children to get an edge in life, so they can grab that next exciting opportunity.

“We are passionate about fulfilling aspirations and changing lives and want to deliver banking that is personal to each individual,” Ramgath said.

Since the Siyavula portal was started, the advantages and testimonies from students and teachers alike have found the portal to be a useful learning tool to improve the results and a whopping 97 percent said their quality of life has improved, with an impressive 69 percent stating that their marks have improved since signing up.

Only a small number of the 3 percent said they havenseensee their marks improving at all and 29 percent stating that their marks have improved a little.

John Pym of Prestige College said Siyavula gives their students invaluable skills for the university as it teaches them to be independent thinkers.

Trevor van Niekerk, a former head of science at Hilton College, said: “What I like about using Siyavula regularly is that it keep the boys’ process skills current.”

Siyavula has also been praised by the students alike, attributing their improvement since signing up on the portal.

“Hi Siyavula. I wanted to thank you for the help. You really changed my performance in class,” a learner by the name of Anele said.

Snazo, another learner, said she uses the portal for maths, which it has been a great tool, but also it has been an invaluable tool for science as well.

The students that have used the portal have ensured that they also shared the services with other students so that they can get help.

“I needed it for my other assignments. I can’t thank you enough. It has also helped my friends to do better,” Thando said.

The portal is reaching a wide audience as there are currently more than 100 schools in the country that uses it.

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