Standard Bank is the number one bank on the African banker according to the Banker
Photo: File
Standard Bank is the number one bank on the African banker according to the Banker Photo: File

Standard Bank in top spot for African bank rankings - report

By Staff Reporter Time of article published Jul 5, 2018

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DURBAN - A list of the Top 1000 banks in the world has been released by The Banker.

South African bank Standard Bank has topped the list of the best banks on the African continent. The next three banks are also South African and the National Bank of Egypt is in fifth place. 

Altogether 5 South African banks appear in the top of Africa's best banks. 

The report by the Banker stated that among the top African banks b Tier 1 capital, Standard Bank is once again in top spot with $10 billion. 

According to the Banker, it was a major jump from the $8,6 billion they recorded in 2017 Tier 1 capital rating. 

However, in comparison to the world rankings, Standard Bank is only ranked at 145. Although in move up from position 149 in 2017 to 145 in 2018. 

Below is a table showing the top 10 African banks and where they stand on the world rankings:

Bank Country Tier 1
1 145 Standard Bank South Africa $10,129 million
2 173 FirstRand South Africa $8,425 million
3 184 Absa Group South Africa $7,752 million
4 217 Nedbank Group South Africa $5,741 million
5 288 National Bank of
Egypt $3,904 million
6 295 Attijariwafa Bank Morocco $3,822 million
7 300 Groupe Banques
Morocco $3,756 million
8 337 Ecobank
Togo $3,179 million
9 338 Investec South
South Africa
South Africa $3,163 million
10 402 Zenith Bank Nigeria $2,466 million

The rest of the world

Altogether the world's biggest banks have close to 12% more Tier 1 capital in the 2018 ranking than compared to 2017.

Deutsche Bank and Credit Suisse Group were two of 10 banks that moved from loss to profit for 2018 while banks like the State Bank of India and Canara Bank has some of the worst losses for 2018. 

According to the Banker, an encouraging sign of the industry's resilience is that capital is increasing at a faster pace than assets.  

Here is a table showing the top banks in the world

Bank Country World
Tier 1
1 ICBC China Asia-Pacific $324,126 million
2 China Construction
China Asia-Pacific $272,215 million
3 Bank of China China Asia-Pacific $224,438 million
4 Agricultural Bank
of China
China Asia-Pacific $218,104 million
5 JP Morgan Chase
& Co.
USA North America $208,644 million
6 Bank of America USA North America $191 million
7 Wells Fargo USA North America $178 million
8 Citigroup USA North America $165 million
9 Mitsubishi UFJ Japan Asia-Pacific $153 million
10 HSBC UK Europe $151 million

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