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Ster-Kinekor, Nu Metro just hiked up their prices but you can cheat the system

By Staff Reporter Time of article published May 25, 2018

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CAPE TOWN -  Ster-Kinekor and Nu Metro have reportedly increased their movie ticket prices for 2018. 

The increase is attributed to regular increases in the entertainment and service industry sectors. 

While some ticket prices at Ster-Kinekor increased by only R1, others saw a R6 hike. 

Nu Metro on the other hand increased their tickets prices by as much as R40, reports My Broadband. 

Take a look at the new movies prices for 2018 below:


Ster-Kinekor tickets
Cinema tier/location 2D/3D 2017 price 2018 price Price increase
Opera 2D R110 R110 0.0%
NT Live 2D R156 R158 1.3%
Cinema Prestige 2D/3D R140 R142 1.4%
IMAX IMAX 3D R129 R131 1.6%
Nouveau 2D R80 R81 1.3%
“Classic” type 3D R97 R98 1.0%
2D R76 R77 1.3%
CapeGate, Blue Route, Bayside 3D R89 R95 6.7%
2D R72 76 5.6%
Northgate, Musgrave, Eikestad, Centurion 3D R83 R84 1.2%
2D R68 R69 1.5%
“Junction” type 3D R80 R83 3.8%
2D R61 R66 8.2%
N1 City 3D R72 R73 1.4%
2D R48 R49 2.1%
Southgate 3D R72 R73 1.4%
2D R48 R49 2.1%
Parow, Newtown Junction, Maponya 3D R72 R67 -6.9%
2D R41 R45 9.8%
Promenade 3D R62 R67 8.1%
2D R41 R45 9.8%
Sterland 3D R43 R46 7.0%
2D R28 R31 10.7%

Nu Metro

Nu Metro tickets
Cinema tier/location 2D/3D 2017 price 2018 price Price increase
4DX 4DX R175 R175 0.0%
Scene VIP 3D R115 R140 21.7%
2D R100 R140 40.0%
Scene Xtreme 3D/2D R120 R130 8.3%
Standard Cinema 3D R95 R100 5.3%
2D R75 R80 6.7%
Worcester 3D R58 R68.50 18.1%
2D R49 R57.50 17.3%
Woodlands Scene VIP 3D R115 R125 8.7%
Scene VIP 2D R110 R110 10.0%

However, despite these increases, consumers should bear in mind that both cinemas offer movie discounts for loyalty and partner members. 

How to cheat the system 


Stek-Kinekor offers customers discounts on movies prices with four selected club and loyalty partners. 

SK Club Card

SK Club Card members can get a 50% disccount at Ster-Kinekor cinemas on half price Tuesdays. 

Discovery Vital

Discovery members also receive discounted movie prices which are disclosed at the cinema. 

Edgars Club

Edgars Club card members get a discount of up to two movie tickets and can pay a discounted price of as little as R24 for a 2D movie and R28 for 3D movies. 

PnP Smart Shopper 

PnP Smart Shopper card holders can trade in R30 in Smart Shopper points for a 2D movie and get up to 50% off on a movie. 

Nu Metro 

Momentum Multiply

Momentum Multiply members also earn discounts are Nu Metro cinemas and can pay as little as R30 for a 2D movie and R47 for a 3D movie, depending on your Momentum card status. 

Clicks Club Card

Clicks Club Card members earn a discount for up to two people at Nu Metro cinemas. With a Clicks Club Card, members pay R55 for a 2D movie and R75 for standard 3D movies. This discount is however valid from Mondays to Fridays. 

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