Colin Abrams

WORLD stock markets have had a sharp sell-off since mid-July. The Dow Jones industrial average, however, reached an important support level and reversed up off it, pointing to a (temporary) rally to come.

Dow Jones: Reverses off support

Recommendation: Buy for a relief rally.

Trend: Short term down, but oversold. Medium term sideways. Long term up.


n A sharp sell-off on world markets saw the Dow drop dramatically down to line 1, an important support level, at 16 350. But last Friday night the Dow had a beautiful upward reversal day, off line 1 (as circled). This is pointing to a relief rally to come.

n Its short-term stochastic oscillator (on top) is oversold, and giving a positive divergence, that is making a higher low (unlike the Dow itself), which warns of a rally to come.

n Short-term traders only, buy for a rebound rally, which I expect to be temporary.

n Take trading profits at the 16 800 level. (It was trading at 16 553 at the time of writing). Thereafter, look for a drop back to retest line 1 (16 370), with further support at 16 000.

n Place an initial stop-loss as a closing price below 16 350. Tighten it from 16 750 to protect profits.

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