In last week’s column we showed the rand gold price (Newgold), this week we’re looking at the dollar gold price. After a multi-week drop, it is now showing signs of rallying again. Its chart is, in fact, pointing to higher levels.

GOLD ($) – New bullish signs

Recommendation: Buy or add to holdings

Trend: Short term sideways. Medium term up. Long term sideways to up

Strategy: Traders buy. All others add to medium/longer-term holdings.


n After reversing down off an important resistance zone (at lines 3) in October, the gold price fell to line 4, and then gave a classic bullish reversal candle up two weeks ago (see circle). This is a sign the gold price wants to go up again to attack line 3.

n The weekly Stochastic Oscillator (on top) is also turning up from an oversold level, which is a bullish sign.

n Traders buy. Medium and longer-term players should add to current holdings.

n Look for a retest of the support zone at lines 3 ($1 783 to $1 795). But a breakout and close above $1 795 on a weekly (ie a Friday) closing price will be important, and send the price to a new high at Target 1 at $1 940 (based on a large triangle formed by lines 1 and 2).

n Further potential will be to Target 2 at $2 060, based on the height of a channel formed by lines 1 and 3, projected up. This not short term, rather medium term plus.

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