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CAPE TOWN - The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA), a regulator for the South African communications sector, has revealed the new postage fees for 2018. 

These fees will apply from 1 April 2018.

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The fees are as follows:

1. Domestic parcels

Any domestic postal item larger than 250 x 353 mm and/or thicker than 30mm and/or weighing more than 1kg is considered to be a parcel, the Post Office said.

Domestic parcel services such as counter-to-counter deliveries are charged as follows:

  • R52.50 for the first kilogram.
  • R7.05 for each additional kilogram or part of a kilogram.

2. International parcels

Parcel services are available worldwide, either by airmail or surface mail.

“These services may be accessed by posting either at post offices or by posting in street posting boxes,” said the Post Office.

“Exchange control regulations apply equally to postal items as they do to other exports,”, the company added. 

3. Small parcel pricing

A small parcel may not exceed 900mm when its length, width, and depth are combined.

The greatest dimension may also not exceed 600mm, while the maximum weight of the parcel can be 2kg.

Small Parcels


Air Mail

Surface Mail


Southern Africa

Rest of World

Southern Africa

Rest of World

Per 100G





4. Large parcel pricing

Large parcels are considered to be a parcel that weighs over 2kg, with a maximum weight of up to 30kg. It all depends on the country the parcel will be sent to.

Large Parcels
Delivery Air Mail Surface Mail
Area Rate per parcel Plus rate per 100g or part thereof Rate per parcel Plus rate per 100g or part thereof
Botswana, Comoros, Kenya, Namibia, Seychelles, Swaziland, Ascension, and St Helena R156.90 R4.80 R4.80 R1.95
Angola, Lesotho, Madagascar, Mozambique, Réunion, Rwanda, Uganda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe R231.40 R6.00 R231.40 R3.70
Northern Africa and the Middle East R231.40 R21.65 R215.40 R6.00
Europe, Russian Federation R239.40 R19.75 R226.00 R4.20
Americas and the Caribbean R178.10 R30.85 R178.10 R6.70
Asia Pacific and Canada R170.10 R27.50 R166.40 R4.20

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