Picture: United Kingdom. (Facebook).

CAPE TOWN -   Some countries offer better investment value than others, especially when you are looking to grow your investment opportunities abroad. 

Take a look at the best countries to invest in according to Forbes.

The investment research was conducted on over 153 nations over 12 years and includes various factors such as a country's property rights, taxes and red tape.

Other factors also considered include workforce and market size. Based on these factors, Forbes has created a list of the best countries for capital investment in 2018. 

According to the findings, these countries are the best states to invest in:

United Kingdom

Picture: United Kingdom. (Facebook). 

GDP: R31.1 trillion

Tax burden: 23

New Zealand

Picture: New Zealand. (Facebook). 

GDP: R2.1 trillion

Tax burden: 9

The Netherlands

Picture: The Netherlands. (Facebook).

GDP: R9.3 trillion

Tax burden: 20


Picture: Sweden. (Facebook/Sweden.se).

GDP: R6.1 billion

Tax burden: 27


Picture: Canada. (Facebook). 

GDP: R7.9 trillion

Tax burden: 16

Hong Kong 

GDP:R3.8 trillion

Tax burden: 3


Picture: Denmark. (Twitter). 

GDP: R3.6 trillion

Tax burden: 8


Picture: Ireland. (Facebook). 

GDP: R3.6 trillion

Tax burden: 4


Picture: Marina Bay Sands casino and hotel and the skyline of Singapore's central business district. (Reuters/Edgar Su). 

GDP: R3.5 trillion

Tax burden: 7


Picture: Switzerland. (Twitter). 

GDP: R3.5 trillion

Tax burden: 7

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