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CAPE TOWN - The salaries for South African public servants remain in a deadlock, as wage negotiations continue to take place. 

Take a look at the average salaries of public servants in South Africa, according to the Public Service Co-ordinating Bargaining Council and how much they can earn, if salaries are increased by 6.5%, according to Business Tech. 

South Africa’s current wage negotiation has the country facing a possible downgrade, according to Finance Minister Nhlanhla Nene. The Minister said that South Africa will struggle to stick to a promise to cut spending, which helped it avoid a damaging credit rating downgrade, if a stalemate over civil service wages is not resolved soon. 

“There are risks to maintaining the expenditure ceiling over the medium term, which include the public service wage agreement and the financial position of several state-owned companies,” Nene told parliament during a Treasury presentation on Tuesday.

The public sector wage negotiations, which have been in discussion since October last year, is currently facing a deadlock. Workers were supposed to receive salary increases by April 1, 2018.

Below are the average salary scales in the public sector for 2017, according to the PSCBC. 

Salary scale:


Job 2017 Salary 2018 Salary
Nurses R150 800 – R431 200 R160 600 – R459 200
Pharmacist R308 700 – R1.35 million R328 800 – R1.44 million
Psychologists R514 500 – R1.57 million R547 900 – R1.67 million
Dentists R205 650 – R1.0 million R219 000 – R1.07 million
Medical specialists R991 900 – R2.25 million R1.05 million – R2.4 million
Dental specialists R991 900 – R1.69 million R1.05 million – R1.8 million

Teachers and Community Workers

Job 2017 Salary 2018 Salary
Teachers (general) R108 500 – R932 900 R115 500 – R993 500
Educational psychologists R281 100 – R1.2 million R299 400 – R1.28 million
Social workers R226 700 – R635 000 R241 400 – R676 200


Job 2017 Salary 2018 Salary
Senior state law advisors R435 400 – R1.75 million R463 700 – R1.86 million
Estate controller R174 600 – R420 900 R185 900 – R448 300

Other state salaries

Job 2017 Salary 2018 Salary
Artisans R109 900 – R552 900 R117 000 – R588 800
Environmental officers R240 000 – R1.07 million R255 600 – R1.14 million
Architects R475 800 – R1.5 million R506 700 – R1.6 million
Engineers R549 600 – R1.97 million R585 300 – R2.1 million
Construction Managers R549 600 – R1.77 million R585 300 – R1.89 million
Scientists R475 800 – R1.6 million R506 700 – R1.7 million

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