Picture: Cabana Beach Resort. (Cabana Beach Resort website).

CAPE TOWN - Family getaways can turn out to be quite expensive. However, certain people are always able to enjoy holiday getaways. We contacted three resorts in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Durban to explore how some folks can afford to go on holiday more than once a year. 

We first contacted to Montague Springs in Cape Town, Manyane Resort in Johannesburg and Cabana Beach Resort in Durban and asked them whether they have a fixed price list for 2018. All three resorts said that their price list changes and is dependent on the time of year. 

Notably, during off-peak season, the pricing is relatively cheaper while it escalates during peak season. 

However, if you cannot wait to enjoy a holiday during off-peak season and when the weather and the festive spirit has died down then fear not. 

Interestingly, we discovered that during the week, the rates are also cheaper. 

Take a look at the weekday versus weekend rates below:

Montague Springs

Picture: Montague Springs. (Montague Springs website). 

Montague Springs, located two and a half hours from the City centre in Bergsig offers accommodation that range from below R1000 to just under R3000. 

There are various types of chalets to choose from such as a single bedroom, double bedroom or a villa. 

Notably, for a two bedroom villa which accommodates four people, it cost R1450 from Sunday to Thursday. However, you will pay R1790 for the same villa on a Friday and Saturday. 

Take a look at Montague Springs full price list for 2018:

Manyane Resort 

Picture: Manyane Resort. (Manyane Resort website). 

Manyane Resort, located in Pilanesberg National Park in Johannesburg features chalets, safari tents and also caters for caravans. 

According to its pricing list for April 1 2018 to March 31st, 2019, the pricing ranges from as little as R343 for a caravan site during the week to R3555 for a 4 sleeper bed and breakfast chalet. 

Notably, their weekend and weekday prices also vary. For instance, a double 4 sleeper chalet will cost R3070 during the week whereas it will cost you R3222 on a weekend. 

Take a look at Manyane Resort's full price list below:

Cabana Beach Resort 

Picture: Cabana Beach Resort. (Cabana Beach Resort website). 

Business Report contacted Cabana Beach Resort and requested a pricing list for 2018. Although the resort said that they are unable to provide pricing lists, they referred us to their website to check the availability of accommodation. 

The resort did however say that like other resorts, their pricing list for the weekend and during the weekday also differ. 

For a 4 sleeper on Monday April 16 2018, you will pay R2200. However, if you choose to go on holiday this weekend between Friday and Sunday, the same 4 sleeper will cost you R2500. 

Therefore, when preparing your next holiday, try to find out how you can save every last buck. 

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