CAPE TOWN - Wikipedia announced a new update to the information site 

The new update  is essentially a page preview feature on Wikipedia. 

The page previews feature was deployed late last week and allows users to have a preview of a page without clicking on it. 

According to the Wikimedia Foundation Product Manager, Reading Product, Olga Vasileva, this new feature makes it easier and more efficient for Wikipedia readers to interact with content and get more context about a topic on Wikipedia.  

Now, users are able to get a quick grasp of an article, without scrolling between articles and opening countless tabs on their desktop or mobile device. 

Wikimedia Foundation says that they created this feature in order to decrease the cost of exploration for each blue link. This then allows the user to satisfy their curiosity. 

The Foundation conducted A/B tests which are essentially page preview tests and said:

"For one, the rates of disabling the feature are negligibly low—a strong indicator that people find it useful. For two, each reader is interacting with the content of more pages while navigating the site, as people are able to engage with knowledge on Wikipedia in more meaningful and efficient ways. And for three, the number of classical pageviews is slightly decreasing. That might seem like a strange thing to be happy about, but pageviews (one of our main measures of desktop traffic), while an important benchmark for understanding how Wikipedia is accessed, is only one way we measure engagement with Wikipedia. For the Wikimedia Foundation, success is based on how we’re able to fulfill our free knowledge mission and make the Wikimedia sites more useful, relevant, and engaging for people around the world, even if it means our pageviews might go down as an effect". 

Vasileva said that although they have received positive feedback on the new feature, they expect to deploy more improvements to the feature in time. 

Meanwhile, individuals are invited to send their feedback on the page preview discussions page. 

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