Roy Cokayne

Toyota South Africa Motors will only be participating in two of the five global vehicle recall programmes announced by the Japanese motor manufacturer yesterday.

The recall announced by Toyota Motor Corporation involves more than 6 million vehicles to fix a range of safety defects. It is one of the biggest recalls in automotive history.

Leo Kok, a Toyota SA spokesman, said yesterday that the local subsidiary would participate in the recall of the previous generation Yaris model and the pre-facelift Hilux, Fortuner and Innova models.

Kok said the Yaris recall was to inspect and possibly replace the seat rail spring that secured the seat in place.

He said the Hilux, Fortuner and Innova recall was to inspect and replace the spiral cable that was attached to the steering wheel column.

Kok noted that in certain instances the spiral cable could wear and cause the airbag light to illuminate and the airbag to possibly malfunction.

Toyota SA was not yet in a position to provide final details on the date range and number of affected vehicles sold into the South African market.

He said Toyota SA was communicating with its Japanese parent company to obtain the final list of affected vehicles.

“Owners who are concerned that their vehicle may be involved in the campaign can contact their nearest dealer and leave their details to be contacted once the list of affected vehicles is available.

“Owners can also contact our national call centre at 0800 139 111 and leave their contact details,” he said.

Kok added that the corrective process for both recall programmes would be quick and would not cost owners anything. It would also not affect the service plan or warranty of the owners of these vehicle models.

Kok stressed that no other Toyota vehicles sold in South Africa were involved in the parent company’s recall programme. See page 23