Troygold and Precium launch subscription gold offering to SA market

Troygold co-founders, Bastiat Viljoen and Dane Viljoen. SUPPLIED.

Troygold co-founders, Bastiat Viljoen and Dane Viljoen. SUPPLIED.

Published Jul 3, 2024


Disruptive fintech and gold investment company, Troygold, has announced the launch of its subscription gold offering in the South African market, supported by payments platform, Precium.

Troygold said the collaboration marked a significant milestone in democratising access to gold investment opportunities by leveraging its expertise in digital bullion, and Precium's cutting-edge payment technology.

The subscription gold service allows South African investors to purchase and own fractional amounts of real 1-ounce gold Krugerrands, which are securely stored in Johannesburg vaults.

This initiative is set to revolutionise how retail investors and businesses can invest in gold bullion, providing a convenient, transparent, and cost-effective method compared to traditional avenues.

Key features of the subscription gold offering include fractional ownership for a minimum investment of only R10, secure storage in secure vaults with LBMA-approved custodian Brink’s, and automated contributions to put savings on autopilot.

Troygold's co-founder, Dane Viljoen, said their mission was to make gold accessible and affordable for everyone, “and this subscription offering, in partnership with Precium, offers a significant step towards achieving that goal.”

He added: “We look forward to providing all South African investors with a seamless and secure way to invest in gold on a recurring basis, at any currency amount - allowing them to protect their cash savings against inflation and stack up on a stable asset.”

Precium's payment platform enhances the subscription process by streamlining transactions and reducing operational costs, including debit orders and recurring card payments powered by network tokens.

Precium's chief operating officer, Nicole Dunn, said their partnership with Troygold aimed to offer a ground-breaking investment opportunity to South Africans by combining cutting-edge payment technology solutions, and bullion expertise to redefine gold ownership and investment accessibility in our country.

"Payment reliability and flexibility are key to supporting subscriptions at scale. We're excited to support the Troygold team, who share our vision to be a home-grown South African company with global resonance and impact,” Dunn said.