Tara Getty, the grandson of billionaire United States oil tycoon J Paul Getty, has bought a game farm in northern KwaZulu-Natal, the Sunday Times reported.

According to the newspaper, the world's jet set were clamouring to rent it out for UK2500 (about R29,347) a night when Tara and his wife Jessica were not using it.

The retreat in the 12,700 hectare Phinda Private Game Reserve boasted a chef, butler and game guide, and offered bush walks, excursions to local villages, bird-watching and leopard-research safaris.

“The Gettys do not wish to have their home written about,” Getty's personal assistant Maria Anagnostellis told the newspaper.

The Getty property is next door to the 40,000ha Phinda Mkuse National Park and the Greater St Lucia Wetland Park, which together were designated a World Heritage site in 1999.

“The Getty house is a fantastic place, there is so much to do there,” said a United Kingdom tour operator's general manager Illona Cross.

She considered the UK2500 a night price tag a bargain. - Sapa