File image: Cell C Entertainment platform, black. IOL.

CAPE TOWN - Cell C has announced that for this Easter weekend, its subscribers on entertainment platform, Black will be able to stream online content for free. 

Cell C CEO Jose Dos Santos said that this offer is a holiday treat for those to experience Black, at zero-rated data. 

Dos Santos said that this is the first time that Cell C is offering free streaming on Black but added that the mobile network operator also offers low data bundles from as little as R30 for 1GB, specifically designed for use on the black platform. 

Although Dos Santos did not disclose the amount of subscribers on Black, he said that Cell C is pleased with the take-up of the service so far and expect continuous growth.

“Customers will need to be subscribed to black and purchase content (movies or series) or use the 7-day free trial, but data for Cell C subscribers will be completely free, meaning that when they watch a series or download a movie, they will not use data”, said Dos Santos. 

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When asked how else Cell C is ensuring that it remains competitive with other mobile networks, Dos Santos said that Cell C plans to accelerate the investment in their network. "We have a continued focus to offer affordable and disruptive products to our customer base. We are also continuously looking at strategic partnerships that will add value to our portfolio”, he said. 

Meanwhile, Cell C Black subscribers can enjoy the free treat from today March 29 until midnight, April 2. 

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