Watch: Dr Pali Lehohla speaks about education challenges in SA

Dr Pali Lehohla

Dr Pali Lehohla

Published Jul 11, 2024


In a video interview, a conversation with Dr Pali Lehohla, a respected figure in South Africa who has made significant contributions over decades, speaks to Professor Terrence Kommal about the impact of education on society.

Education challenges in South Africa

Lehohla discusses the challenges in South Africa’s education system, especially considering historical evolution and the ongoing industrial revolution.

Importance of education and statistics

The conversation emphasised the role of education in societal progress, with specific focus on the significance of statistics and data analysis in decision-making processes.

Intergenerational value and design

The concept of intergenerational value creation through education and systemic design is explored, highlighting the importance of intentional design in societal structures.

Impact on employment and generational trends

The implications of education on employment rates and generational trends in South Africa are examined, with particular focus on how educational disparities among racial groups affect economic outcomes.

Role of leadership and community empowerment

Lehohla stressed the importance of responsible leadership in promoting peace, mobilising stakeholders, and implementing integrated reporting mechanisms for societal progress.

Community empowerment initiatives are also discussed.

Kommal shared insights on the importance of resources and access to education, and emphasised the need for continuous learning and improvement in community support systems.

Kommal further highlighted the importance of providing resources and access to educational tools for all individuals in the community.

He also stressed the significance of continuous learning and education as a means of driving societal progress and addressing challenges effectively.

Kommal also spoke about the role of community support systems in fostering sustainable development and creating opportunities for individuals to thrive.

The conversation between Lehohla and Kommal underscored the critical role of education, leadership, and community empowerment in shaping societal progress and overcoming obstacles in South Africa.

Watch the interview below:

Professor Terrence Kommal