Tshediso Matona. Supplied

JOHANNESBURG - Former Eskom CEO Tshediso Matona is currently testifying at Parliament's state capture hearing. 

Matona stated that he felt that Eskom had suspended him because he did not fit into the board's plans for the future of the national energy supplier, Eskom. 

Matona was asked by the former finance minister, Pravin Gordhan to explain further details on the board's meeting where he was informed that would be suspended. 

Matona said, “That whole interaction was being managed in a manner that would create a defence for the board that it gave me an opportunity to make representations. It was a farce in my view. I could see at the time that the outcome was pre-determined. There was a letter of suspension in front of the chairperson. It was a matter of course that I was suspended. I was a bit dazed and confused. All kinds of things were playing in my head. Some of the information started to surface. The chair, Mr Zola Tsotsi, made certain pronouncements. I read I had been suspended for refusing to do certain things."

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“The board did not see me fitting into whatever its plans were. Typically when a new minister joins a department, I would ask if they saw me as part of the future. I recall an episode like that. I concluded that Eskom board did not see me as part of their plans in the future," Matona further added.