JOHANNESBURG - Former Prasa CEO Lucky Montana, testified at the Eskom Inquiry earlier this afternoon. 

He has been accused of meeting with the Gupta family and Duduzane Zuma over a R50bn tender to procure trains.  In a shocking claim, Montana stated that he was subjected to a vicious campaign, where he was followed and had his house broken into three times. 

He also stated that there was a plan to change the board of the rail company during a procurement process, after the Guptas had failed to secure a tender for China South Rail.

 "The Guptas pushed for the dissolution of the PRASA Board and my dismissal as Group CEO. They pushed the Department of Transport to appoint a new Board," Montana said at the inquiry. 

Watch the inquiry below: 



The inquiry heard claims from Montana, that Deputy Public Enterprises Minister Ben Martins tried to protect his own name at his expense, by creating an impression that Montana was the person who arranged a meeting between him, the Guptas and  Duduzane Zuma  in September 2012.  “This is a man I have huge respect for, I could not believe that at a media briefing, he tried to protect his own name at my expense,” said Montana. He further added that he was testifying to set the record straight.