CAPE TOWN - Former DA leader and the now Chairman of Resolve Communication, Tony Leon gives his take on some of the biggest issues affecting South Africa. 

Leon shared his thoughts with Business Report (BR) on the Patricia de Lille and the DA factionalism, the  economy, the ANC presidential race and his new venture opportunities. 

Leon was instrumental in transforming the Democratic Party into a modern political party in its current state as the Democratic Alliance. The current factionalism between key members of the party and Western Cape leader Patricia de Lille has clearly taken its toll on the political Democratic Alliance. Leon discussed his take on these issues and what he would do if he was still the leader of the party. 

Leon called for stability and said that the DA needs to put the issue to bed.  "It's either the party takes De Lille back or sacks her. You can’t carry on this public drawn out process which undermines the party and the citizens of Cape Town".

"We are sitting in the midst of a drought and people want the leadership to focus on the essential task at hand," Leon said.

What Leon made very clear was that the City of Cape Town has more immediate issues to deal with, the drought crisis being at the front of this. The infighting within the party will only distract from dealing with the city's issues, according to Leon. 


Undoubtedly the ANC presidential race and the victory by Deputy President Cyril Ramaphosa has been at the forefront of most South Africans minds. Leon discussed his views on  Ramaphosa's victory and what this means for the opposition party. 

It is clear that for Leon the DA has to change its tactics in the run-up to the general election in 2019. The DA used the major scandals and negative press coverage President Jacob Zuma received throughout his tenure as a way to challenge South Africans that the DA could do better in terms of leadership. 

The DA will not have a chance to use this tactic with Ramaphosa. Ramaphosa has shown that he is a credible leader, businessman and most importantly understands the economy in a way that Zuma never could, Leon said. 

This is a major challenge for the DA.


Last week it was reported that Leon and the DA's former communications director Nick Clelland are being paid to run the City of Cape Town’s water crisis communications campaign.

The City of Cape Town on Friday confirmed Resolve Communications, has been contracted to run the campaign.  “Resolve is a subcontractor to the City’s advertising agency, which was appointed through a tender process,” said the spokespersons.

“The City ensures that its contractors, in this case, Hero, manage their subcontractors in the manner which accords with our policies, structures, and good governance.  “Resolve is assisting the advertising agency to develop and run the communications strategy for the crisis.”