Delegates attending the SA Investment Conference in Sandton this week, starting today, can expect a packed program. Picture: Karen Sandison/African News Agency(ANA).
JOHANNESBURG -  Delegates attending the SA Investment Conference in Sandton this week, which kicks off today, can expect a packed program. 

The business conference kicks off tomorrow at the Sandton Convention Centre. 

The following topics will be discussed: 

1. The Fourth Industrial Revolution and what it means for South Africa and Africa
2. A New Dawn for Mining: unlocking value chain potential
3. Impact Investing
4. Startups and SME’s focusing on innovation for growth
5. Manufacturing
6. Tourism
7. The Creative Economy
8. Opportunities in agro-processing
9. Science and Technology 
10. Infrastructure in SA
11. The African Continent Free Trade Area

A delegate (that doesn’t want to be named) that Business Report spoke to yesterday said “Investment is pointless unless you know what you are going to do with it. 

"Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) is only of value if you build something that then is productive in its own right. SA has to offer opportunity.  So, we must stop the strikes, we must cut the robbery, we must stop corruption, we must reduce red tape, we must dump BEE and so on. Then investors will come here and build stuff for South Africans to run and develop”.

Looking at the program, the conference has a lot to offer for potential investors. It is time for South Africans to be ambassadors for our own country. I salute the President for his efforts to create an opportunity for global investors to come and explore the many opportunities our country offers.