Eskom has placed its senior general manager of Assurance and Forensics, Molefi Nkhabu on suspension. File Image: IOL
CAPE TOWN - Eskom has placed its senior general manager of Assurance and Forensics Molefi Nkhabu on suspension.

Eskom said on Thursday that Nkhabu is on a "precautionary suspension", pending an investigation into circumstances surrounding an internal audit investigation. 

The investigation pertains to transactions that he signed off, which contain inferences or conclusions which had the effect of exonerating certain previous Eskom executives implicated in maladministration. 

"The Eskom executive management, whilst espousing the principle of the presumption of innocence, due to the seniority of Nkhabu and the seriousness of the allegations made against him, took a decision that it would be better for him to be suspended until the investigation is finalised", the statement said.

The Board and executive management of Eskom said that they were without a doubt keen and resolute in rooting out maladministration.


Business Report (BR) reached out to Eskom over Nkhabu's suspension. 

When asked whether Eskom had placed Nkhabu on suspension with pay, a media representative said that he was suspended with pay. 

The representative for Eskom said that the whole process is still in the investigation stage.  One of the most important issues Business Report raised with Eskom was how the disciplinary process would be conducted. 

Eskom said that in most cases like this an independent person is brought in to adjudicate the allegations and the merit of the suspension.

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