Public Enterprises Minister Lynne Brown File picture: Henk Kruger/ANA Pictures

Cape Town - Public Enterprises Minister Lynne Brown has stuck to her guns and is insistent that she will launch her own investigation into Eskom, spanning the past 10 years.

Brown told media in Parliament ahead of her Budget vote on Thursday the probe will look into seven other investigations into corruption at the power utility.

Some of the investigations were conducted by Dentons and PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

She said she did not think her investigation would overstep the other investigation conducted by Parliament into Eskom.

Brown said the Special Investigating Unit will look into the seven reports and do forensic work on all the reports.

She wanted to appoint a retired judge to oversee the investigation.

She said the investigation is much deeper than the State of Capture Report.

“The issue for me is to have a thorough deep dive into [Eskom],” said Brown.

This investigation would help to clear the air on all the allegations that have been going around for many years.

The investigation would stretch from 2007 when load-shedding started.

It will also look into the coal contracts at Eskom.

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Brown and the Eskom board came under fire from Parliament this week on the re-appointment of Brian Molefe as CEO.

Parliament accused Brown and Eskom for not coming clean on the process to re-appoint Molefe.

The ANC also lashed out at Brown and accused her of perjury.

But Brown has defended herself and said she came clean on what has happened at Eskom.