Koeberg Power Station near Melkbos as seen from the air. Photo: Sam Clark
Koeberg Power Station near Melkbos as seen from the air. Photo: Sam Clark

NIASA Welcomes the new Necsa board

By Staff Reporter Time of article published Jan 24, 2020

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JOHANNESBURG -  The Nuclear Industry Association of South Africa (NIASA) welcomed the newly appointed Necsa Board.  

NIASA said it is pleased that a renowned nuclear expert, Dave Nicholls, serves as the Chair.  

As a professional association, NIASA embraces a broad range of industries associated with the nuclear industry.  

NIASA said in a statement, " At this juncture in our history we are aware and concerned with the energy crisis and look forward to engaging the Board. But more importantly, NIASA would like to broaden the horizon well beyond nuclear energy and we strongly believe in the scope for nuclear as a catalyst for economic growth, human resources development and our country's development potential."

NIASA further said, "We wish the board well and express our intention to work together for progress in our country, the SADC region, continentally and globally.  The task of steering Necsa in the right direction is huge and profound. Necsa is South Africa's strategic asset with internationally acclaimed nuclear professionals. Apart from the Research and Development responsibilities, it also carries government's nuclear obligations, such as safeguards. After the recent negative media coverage of this strategic State Owned Company, NIASA hopes the board will turn around the fortunes of Necsa so that it contributes once more to the South African economy."

NIASA also applauded the commitments that Minister Mantashe has articulated since assuming the portfolio as being very positive and are thus widely welcome by the industry. Under his leadership:

  • nuclear has gained more prominence in the energy mix through the IRP 2019, 
  • a decision to extend Koeberg life was taken and 
  • challenges facing Necsa and its subsidiaries have been prioritized.
  • The appointment of the Necsa board is testimony that the Minister is determined to see his promises through.


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