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Cape Town - SOLA Future Energy and Atterbury Property Developments have partnered for a high quality solar energy and electrical storage solution to the Atterbury portfolio of properties. They have entered an agreement that will guide the installation of 20MW of solar PV systems on properties which was developed by Atterbury.

Managing Director of Atterbury Property and Developments, James Ehlers said: “We as Atterbury realised that we needed solar-smart solutions, as this will become a vital part of property industry going forward.  We have taken a decision to partner with specialists in the industry. After extensive consultation with role players in the industry, SOLA were our partners of choice and we look forward to working with a leader in the field of solar technology.”

SOLA Future Energy is well positioned to carry out the work for Atterbury, with over 12.5MW of solar capacity under operation across several large rooftop PV systems. SOLA will also provide the design and engineering services for the full 20MW, ensuring the solar solutions to all of these developments are optimised. They will also manage installation during the project development phase, and assist Atterbury with the ongoing operation and maintenance of the systems.

CEO of SOLA Future Energy, Dom Wills said: “We are excited to work with a progressive partner such as Atterbury who share our vision in decentralised energy.  Solar PV presents an excellent opportunity to reduce operating costs over the long term, increasing property value and competitiveness. Working on a bulk portfolio also allows us to best advise on the overall solar strategy for the group.”

Once a solar system is installed it then generally pays itself off within five years which provides the property with at least 20 further years of free energy.

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The cost reduction of solar technology has made investment in solar systems an essential consideration for property owners in achieving cost efficiency and enhancing yields.

Many companies have come to the realization that solar can provide much cheaper energy per kilowatt hour than the energy provided by the centralised grid, which is an interconnected network that delivers electricity from producers to consumers.

The agreement currently covers all Atterbury projects in South Africa as well as selected projects in Africa and abroad.