Matseleng Mogodi. Image: Supplied.
Matseleng Mogodi. Image: Supplied.
Matseleng Mogodi. Image: Supplied.
Matseleng Mogodi. Image: Supplied.
Matseleng Mogodi. Image: Supplied.
Matseleng Mogodi. Image: Supplied.
JOHANNESBURG - A Johannesburg businesswoman traded the comforts of a teaching job for an adventure into the country’s R5.8 trillion property business. 

Matseleng Mogodi says she does not regret leaving teaching to sell houses.

Mogodi, 49, founded Snooks Properties from nothing to a business that now sold well over 5 000 houses.

Mogodi, who is also the business’ chief executive, had her determination rewarded when she appointed by the Real Estate Regulatory Body to become one of the Facilitators for the Professional Designated Examinations, which all estate agents that qualified after 2008 are compelled to undergo and complete.

She says she is in the business not only to make a living but to help others as well.

“The main thing that I’m focussing on is property business,” says Mogodi. “But I realised that for the business to grow you have to grow people so as to multiply yourself.” 

Mogodi, who taught mathematics and science at Reasoma High School in Soweto from 1993 to 1998, says swapping professions came naturally to her.  It all started with her helping her father at his construction business. She says her venture into business was also driven by the need to challenge herself.

Matseleng Mogodi. Image: Supplied.
“I wanted more challenges, I wanted to be exposed to life and to business. In fact, when I started I thought I would juggle teaching and being real estate but I soon realised that the business side was so exciting and rewarding,” she says.

Mogodi holds a bachelor of science degree in education from University of Zululand and a postgraduate diploma in business administration from Wits Business School, among others.  She says her career has been very rewarding over the two decades she has been in business.

In 2009, she was appointed to the Property Charter Council  and the following year, she received the Young Lion award in the property industry as recognition and acknowledgement of her resilience and contribution to the real estate industry.

Mogodi, who is a member of both the SA Institute of Black Property Professionals and Business Women Association of SA, says Snooks Properties turns over millions of rand but is cagey with the actual figures.  She says her plans to grow the include franchising it and has developed a model that suits her.

“What was key,” she says, “was the fact that I needed to make sure that my current operation is flawless before duplicating what I’m doing in other areas.”

Mogodi says she is currently piloting her franchising model.  “The model that I decided to take is the model whereby I build an office and I get a manager who will be an owner of that branch,” she explains.

“That means they will take the bulk of the profit, but the little that I will get I will use to build the next branch. That’s the model that I think will work for me.”

She says her model will allow her to give back to the community by allowing other people to flourish by being owners.

“This is a very big step, I’m getting experts that have gone through this journey to ensure that I have all the checks and balances in place. Right now I’m piloting with three branches. In 2019 we will really grow out and expand.”