Founder of Sisters in Solidarity South Africa, Bulelwa Basse. Photo: Supplied

CAPE TOWN – Founder of Sisters in Solidarity South Africa, an organisation that empowers women in South Africa, Bulelwa Basse believes that we need more women in leadership positions.

When speaking and attending the first Business Report Women in Business Dialogue event, Basse said that the responsibility lies with all women to continue to affirm their position in society. 

"We cannot afford to keep stepping down from an opportunity to reclaim our birthright to lead with the same efficiency with which we nurture
in our homes, communities and society at large"

"In as much as we are taught to know when to gracefully step down, we also need to know when to step up: We will not be silenced and will not become invisible", said Basse. 

According to Basse, businesses owned by women cannot be expected to operate at no cost, because we understand the difference between rendering a service and running a charity organisation.

"Women’s businesses require relevant access to market and we can only achieve this by creating trading opportunities through the correct procurement channels, where there are no corrupt gate-keepers, whose sole interest is to favour their kind", said Basse. 

Basse believes that women need to be  proactive in confronting these social and moral provocations,

"It begins with a concerted effort made by us, in collaboration with the men we co-exist within society because women who know themselves, well, are not in competition with men, but seek authentic collaboration in addressing realities which disrespect women. Again: We will not be silent", said Basse. 

Facts on Basse

Bulelwa Basse is Founder of Sisters in Solidarity South Africa, that is an organisation that empowers women through business development and financial management workshops.

Through this initiative, she engages South Africans on the subject of managing its finances well. She offers help with the assistance of financial
experts, strategic ways of budgeting and saving finances, in order to self-empower, and in turn, invest in families and communities at large.

She is an ambassador of Brand South Africa: Play Your Part Initiative.

Basse is also the founder of Lyrical Base Project, a literary and performing arts organisation that promotes the profiles of writers and performing artists from disenfranchised communities in South Africa.

This is done through community publishing projects and creates a showcase platform at corporate events, government events and community cultural events.