The newest spot to get your coffee fix. Cool Bananas in Cape Town CBD. Picture: Songezo Ndlendle

CAPE TOWN- Cool Bananas, a Cape Town based small to medium enterprise, supplies healthy fresh food in Maitland and Cape Town. This company is doing it at costs you won't' believe. We take a look at their business and how they are making it work in the trendy expensive city of Cape Town. 

Malcolm Royston created the business 11-years ago when he saw a need for accessibility to affordable healthy food in the wider market in the city.

"That is what we created, so we created products that are affordable for all LSMs (Living standard measure) because we really want our brand to be accessible to everyone. We don't want people to come and feel like they can't afford what we offer, and you know we don't want health to be one of the things that cost a fortune and become inaccessible," said Royston.

He added that "we source our all products directly from the farms and suppliers and in that way we manage to keep costs down because we don't deal with the middle man."

He said that the future of business is going to be smaller businesses, more accessible and easier to start up and in that way it makes it easy for people to get in the markets. 

"Our plans for the future is to open up more shops around the city and this is our first project so we still learning a lot. For the new entrepreneurs, my best advice to them is that they should just get started and it doesn't have to be perfect. As you go along, just be resilient, persevere and just keep on owning your skills around your business and keep on making it a little bit better every day," concluded Royston.

Malcolm Royston tells us more about his new juice bar and how his business started. Songezo Ndlendle.

-Here are prices for some of Cool Bananas' popular products:


Cappuccino or Americano- Small for R10.

Large for R15.


PB&J (Peanut butter, Banana, Bulgarian yogurt &Honey) -Small for R10 large for R20

Cool Fruit (Seasonal Fruit, Banana, Rooibos &Balgarian yogurt) for R10 large for R20

Cool Pop (Pineapple, Orange papaya &Rooibos) for R10 large for R20

You can find the shop opposite African bank, Kiosk No.2 St Georges Mall Cape Town.