Tiffini Wissing, the owner of Cool (Kids) Cabs. Photo: Facebook
DURBAN - Cool (Kids) Cabs is a taxi service for children that have just recently been launched in Cape Town.

The company prides itself on being the premier taxi service for kids. Cool (Kids) Cabs say their cars have state of the art technology including, on board cameras and live tracking.

The company's drivers are all female and the company has been operating in Johannesburg since 2009.

Tiffini Wissing, founder of Cool (Kids) said when she started this business, she did not have any have money or qualifications.

"When I started the business I did not have any money, had no access to credit and was unqualified and unemployed," said Wissing.

This business has grown simply on the strength of its own operation, they company only purchases vehicles when the finances of the business allow.

Wissing says that the idea behind her business was the obvious need for safe transportation for unaccompanied minors.

Cool (Kids) Cabs is continuously growing and Wissing foresees that in the next five years her fleet size will have increased dramatically, with the financial freedom to buy more cars at the speed in which they are required.

The entrepreneur talked about the people who inspire her, she said; "I'm inspired by people who are happy - those who embrace life and enjoy their time on earth".

On her plans for expansion, Wissing said Cool (Kids) Cabs launching in Cape Town; Pretoria later this year and aim to launch in Durban by the end of 2018.