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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

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Finally, there is a way to accept online card payments without a website

Payment links are a secure and convenient way to request payment.

Payment links are a secure and convenient way to request payment.

Published May 31, 2022


Payment links are a secure and convenient way to request payment whether you’re looking to accept deposits, international payments, or get paid by a customer who forgot their credit card at home.

All around the world, the best developers and fintech companies are working tirelessly to bring new payment solutions to everyday businesses and entrepreneurs.

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Payment links are at the forefront of financial technology today, owing to the rise of e-commerce and virtual financial services. Thankfully for everyday business owners, payment links cater to a wider audience than just remote workers and online store owners.

What is a payment link?

In a nutshell, a payment link is a URL that leads customers to a single-page website where they can pay for a product or service. The link is generated by a third-party financial service, ready for you to copy, paste and send to your customer.

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A payment link lets your business accept online card payments without building a website, e-commerce store, or renting a physical space. It’s a fantastic way for budding businesses to bring in revenue without investing massive amounts of time or money.

Who can use payment links?

If you need to get paid, you can use a payment link. You don’t need to be an online business guru. This technology has been made to help everyday business owners get a slice of the online market - no matter what they sell or offer.

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Payment links work for hairdressers as well as they do for Instagram boutique owners, and every business in-between. This is because they can be sent to customers via all platforms: social media, email, digital invoices, WhatsApp and SMS - anywhere you can send a message, you can send a unique pay link.

Are you ready to get started?

iK Pay Link is the newest digital payment solution released by trusted Durban fintech company, iKhokha. They understand how this technology will open the playing field for thousands of small business owners across the country, which is why they’ve made it accessible on their free iKhokh app.

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The iK Pay Link process is simple:

1. Create a link

2. Send it

3. Get paid.

You can use iK Pay Link to bring in profit whether the power is out, you’re stuck at home, or even when you’re on the move.

If you’re a small business owner looking to upgrade how you sell, visit to find out what iK Pay Link can do for your business.