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Saturday, December 9, 2023

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From living in a shack to building an empire in the energy sector

Serame Mpete is the owner and founder of Mpete Consulting. Image: Supplied.

Serame Mpete is the owner and founder of Mpete Consulting. Image: Supplied.

Published Oct 1, 2023


Living in an informal dwelling until 2001, with perseverance and a will to keep going, Serame Mpete took the leap of faith to start his fuel logistics business six years later.

Mpete took on the challenge of starting a business in the energy sector despite having studied tourism management at Wits Technikon.

“I was courageous enough to try the market, even when I did not have all the relevant tools. I persevered until I got to be known in the sector,” Mpete told Business Report.

Servicing clients such as the mining giant group, Royal Bafokeng Platinum, and other private businesses, the company Mpete Consulting offers services such as environment management systems, services controller and external tagging solutions.

Based in the Rustenburg region, Mpete’s company moves fuel around using a 40 000 litre truck.

Mpete shared his background and drive to start his own company with Business Report.

He said: “I was born on a farm in Derby, North West, and we moved to Lethabong when I was only three years old, and at that time, the township was called Hartebeesfontein. I’m from a family of six. Two brothers and three sisters. I am a product of a shack, as we stayed in a shack until 2001. I told myself at an early age that my situation would not define my destiny. I have always wanted to break the chain of poverty.”

Mpete said that he is now married and has five children with his wife.

As the world is seeing a shift away from fossil fuels, Mpete says this could be an opportunity for his business.

He said, “In the petroleum industry, there are indeed concerns with the global shift towards greener energy sources. However, I see this transition as an opportunity for our business to adapt and evolve. We are actively exploring ways to diversify our energy portfolio, invest in cleaner technologies, and reduce our environmental impact. While there are challenges, we believe that with innovation and a commitment to sustainability, we can remain a relevant player in the evolving energy landscape.”

Mpete said that he would one day like to have his own diesel depot.

He said, “One of our dreams as a company is to build and run my own diesel depot that can accommodate over one million litres and distribute to the entire country.”

Other Ventures

Mpete said that he is also exploring other business ventures.

“I have just built a shopping complex with 11 shops in Lethabong, Rustenburg, as part of creating employment and growing the economic profile of the area. I am currently struggling to get the complex running as tenants are sceptical to invest, so I am pleading to big businesses to come and invest in our area,” he further added.