Wesley Dipoko. Head of Independent Media's Digital lab. File Image: IOL

CAPE TOWN - Independent Lab - a brainchild of Independent Media thrives to broaden the media industry's skills set by bringing tech personnel on board.

The lab employs 15 graduated computer scientists as the first cohort of the 12-month programme which started from December 2016 until November 2017.

Head of the Independent Lab, Wesley Diphoko said earlier this year, "The success of this project will be instrumental in the transformation currently underway within Independent Media. It will allow Independent to get the necessary human resources who can assist the company to withstand the technology challenges faced by the media sector".

The lab hopes to address the major skills shortage that exists in the media industry. The lab hopes to not only create digital experts but provide them with social media and writing training. The main hope is that the graduates will have a multi-pronged skill set. 

Independent media's digital lab believes that all graduates matter and within the South African workforce development is key. Platforms must be created for young people and allow them to get the necessary workforce experience, especially after their degree.

WATCH: Interview with Wesley Diphoko