Ithala Ithala Development Finance Corporation is running a supplier development programme for female and youth entrepreneurs Photo: Facebook
DURBAN - Ithala Development Finance Corporation is looking for female and youth entrepreneurs to join their supplier development programme. 

The 12-month programme will help female and youth entrepreneurs to develop and hone their skills set in the construction sector. 

Through this programme, the entrepreneurs will learn about construction management, financial management, training on how to complete bid documents and construction regulations amongst other construction-related courses. 

Farhana Abdool-Kader, Acting Properties Executive for Ithala said that with the renovation of their northern KwaZulu-Natal properties and future development projects in the pipeline, we want o help 60 fully black-owned, experienced construction businesses become recognised and certified suppliers on our database. 

On the reasoning behind choosing just female and youth entrepreneurs for their programme, Ithala said that we find that female and youth companies are still scarce in the construction sector and we are aiming to bridge that gap. 

According to Thuli Galelekile, Acting Executive Ithala  HR, Marketing and Communications, the development and growth of SMME's are crucial to the expansion of the KZN economy. 

She added that Ithala is looking to create sustainable companies that can create job and other economic opportunities for KZN.

In order for applicants to be eligible for the programme, applicants need to meet strict requirements. 

These requirements include:

1. At least one of the applicants needs to be registered director, owner, partner, or shareholder of the construction company 
2. The company must provide a letter of motivation for joining the supplier development programme. 
3. The company needs to be based in KZN
4. Have a valid BEE certificate or a sworn affidavit that proves that 100% black youth or female-owned. 
5. Have been in operation for a minimum of three years
6. Be registered with the CSD as a taxpayer
7. Employ at least five people. 

The companies applying for the programme also need to be registered with the Construction Industry Registration Board. 

Applicants should have a grading of 1-3 in one of the classes of General Building; Water Supply, Drainage and Plumbing; Landscaping, Irrigation and Horticulture or Building Electrical Engineering Works. The company should also have a certificate of disease and injuries. 

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