Picture: Dalton Ashikoto Mega Centre. Supplied.
Picture: Dalton Ashikoto Mega Centre. Supplied.
Picture: Mega Centre. Supplied.
Picture: Mega Centre. Supplied.

CAPE TOWN - Namibian TV personality and actor Dalton Ashikoto has become a businessman too, proving that he enjoys juggling multiple careers. 

Ashikoto has starred in popular drama series Rhythm City and Generations: The Legacy. 

On acting

“My career has been dominated by the two loves of my life – performing and business", says Windhoek born and bred Ashikoto. 

Ashikoto's diverse career is evident in the characters which he plays. He starred as tax commissioner Stanley Gwala  in Rhythm City to taking on the recent role of businessman Archie Gumbi in TV hit Generations: The Legacy. 

His acting also saw him starring in films alongside influential Hollywood actors like Samuel L. Jackson in the SA-filmed US movie Kite. 

The acting bug bit when he was studying for a degree in computer science in Nairobi, Kenya, in the mid-1990s. 

He recalls his first role being that of Romeo, in Romeo and Juliet. 

This then transcended to Ashikoto pursuing his newly-found passion and training in Los Angeles, USA. 

On business

Ashikoto, actor on popular drama series, Rhythm City as Stanley Gwala, began his entrepreneurial career 15 years ago in IT. 

Yet, he managed to significantly branch out into different sectors. 

“The holding company I established 15 years ago has now expanded to cover a range of sectors, including property development, agriculture, transportation and health and fitness", says Ashikoto. 

He has now entered the franchise industry by running a new Cash Converters store in Mega Centre at Windhoek’s Grove Mall which officially opened on September 16. 

“This is my first franchise and I’m already finding that it offers a great learning curve. I am enjoying the challenge and really appreciate all the support I get through this franchise model. I also believe it offers our customers real value for money, which will definitely help drive business growth", says  Ashikoto. 

Ashikoto aims to set great goals for his new business such as becoming “the best-performing Cash Converters store in the whole of Africa". 

His business development has been well received by the Cash Converters family. 

“We are delighted to welcome to the Cash Converters family Dalton Ashikoto and his experience and talent,” says Richard Mukheibir, Cash Converters Managing Director. “All of us in the company know how each and every one of your skills and resources are tested and polished in setting up a new store. I went through it myself opening the first-ever Cash Converters store in Parow more than two decades ago". 

Mukheibir believes that franchising enables would-be business owners to expand their business skills and investment within a supportive and professional environment and guides them in avoiding common start-up pitfalls.

“The Cash Converters business model offers a three-for-one income stream for franchisees – dealing in second-hand goods, pawnbroking and micro loans. “We are confident that this, combined with our practical understanding and systems support and training, will help Dalton reach his goals of high performance, diversified business interests and a strong customer base", concludes Mukheibir. 

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