Rugby wheelchair innovator Jared Mcintyre at the World Intellectual Property Day celebrations in Bloemfontein. PHOTO: Supplied by department of trade and industry

JOHANNESBURG  - Rugby wheelchair innovator Jared Mcintyre says frustration over the high cost of equipment motivated him to look for solutions to benefit all disabled participants in the sport. 

Speaking at a ceremony to observe World Intellectual Property Day in Bloemfontein, Mcintyre, who suffered a spinal injury after diving into a lake while studying at the Central University of Technology (CUT), said he was in the process of registering intellectual property for his innovation.

In a statement issued by the department of trade and industry, Mcintyre said he was driven by personal adversity to look for a solution that had ended up benefiting a lot of people. He encouraged others to similarly pursue their ideas even if they initially seemed insignificant.

Mcintyre said he had approached the CUT to manufacture the rugby wheelchairs at an affordable price that would make them accessible to anyone interested in the sport.

"We then trained two guys who were able to increase the volume and then commercialise, and adapted our manufacturing process to suit children with disabilities and adults who previously had limited participation in the sport," he said.

The senior manager for copyrights at the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission Kadi Petje said this year's Intellectual Property Day commemoration focused on government efforts to educating students and innovators about intellectual property systems.

- African News Agency (ANA)