Tamaryn Abrahams the creator of Boudoir Box. Photo: Supplied
DURBAN - Tamaryn Abrahams is changing the lingerie landscape in South Africa with her company Boudoir Box. 

Boudoir Box is an online store that sources locally produced, luxury, designer lingerie that caters to women that have fuller figures. Boudoir Box initially started selling lingerie for just for women that have full figures but now they sell lingerie for women of all shapes. 

This online lingerie company is based in Woodstock, Cape Town and opened last year December. 

Abrahams said that her mom who is a full figured woman was the reason that she started Boudoir Box. She noticed that the lingerie range for fuller women was limited and after investigating she realised that to buy it online was almost impossible. 

The young entrepreneur said that she put herself in her mom's shoes and decided to create something that would make the experience of buying lingerie enjoyable. 

"All fuller-figured women should feel sensual and sexy," said Abrahams. 

Her mom became the prototype for the products and the initial feedback was extremely positive because their designer understands women with full figures.  Boudoir Box has a variety of options that subscribers can choose from but it is essentially two pieces of handmade lingerie and 3 surprise locally sourced beauty care products. 

Abrahams said that they use locally made handcrafted products because they want to showcase the talent Africa has to offer. 

Boudoir Box is self-funded but hopes that the Absa Rise Accelerator will provide her with opportunities to get funding. 

Long-term Abrahams wants to have a social impact on young women by alleviating some of the body image issues they face. She also wants to extend the ripple effect that they have on local businesses by showcasing their businesses or products on the platform.