Hairdressing maestro Terence Jansen Van Vuuren together with his wife, Dr. Nadia Dannhauser have launched Terenzo Suites to cater to the hairdressing and aesthetics industries. Photo: Supplied

DURBAN – Hairdressing maestro Terence Jansen Van Vuuren and his wife Dr. Nadia Dannhauser have launched Terenzo Suites to cater to the hairdressing and aesthetics industries.

Terence Terenzo is the name that he is recognised by in the hairdressing industry.

Terenzo Suites is a suite rental concept that is a luxurious full-service salon that is situated in Dunkeld, north of Johannesburg. 

The spaces are not only exclusive to hair stylists and aesthetic therapists but they also cater to brow bars, microblading, nail technicians, makeup artists, just to name a few.

"It is safe to say that we have carved out a new and innovative path that is about to take the country by storm and revolutionise the hairdressing, aesthetics and beauty industries," said van Vuuren. 

According to the hairdresser, Terenzo Suites is a premium suite rental concept that’s a first of its kind in South Africa! 

He said, "This concept has never been done before and it seeks to empower professionals within the beauty industry to transition from a commission based working structure to being their own boss". 

They have the opportunity to start their own businesses without any start-up capital. They also have the benefit or platform to employ their own staff members in these fully equipped state of the art Five-star suites.

Currently, Terenzo Suites have twelve premium suites with state of the art equipment. 

The suite rental concept is the direct opposite of the old and restrictive way of chair rentals in salons which limits the growth of stylists. This amazing new concept is structured in a way that stylists and therapists can make much more revenue owning their own suite.

We rent the salon suites out fully kitted and equipped with your high end cutting chairs, basins, reception stand, retail shelves, kitchen, music speakers, mini bar fridge and Nespresso machines. Each suite is also connected to a digital water meter and a prepaid electrical meter and uncapped Wi-Fi.  

Stylists will get world-class monthly training from Terence Terenzo in order to maintain their premium standard and to help them develop a competitive edge. 

The duo plan on expanding this concept into all the major metro cities in the country and eventually branch out into the rest of the continent.

"Terenzo Suites is definitely what the industry has been longing for, all one has to do is sign up and get ready to reach the stars," concluded van Vuuren.