File image: IOL

CAPE TOWN - South Africans are today joining an important movement of supporting small businesses by buying from their local entrepreneurs.

The National Small Business Council established the Small Business Friday back in 2012, with the aim of recognising the importance of small business community. "Consumers were urged to support it through a national radio, digital, social media and PR campaign. We didn't know how big it was going to be," said Mike Anderson, founder & CEO of the National Small Business Chamber.

Anderson said that the NSBC is expecting huge numbers of customers to support this special movement today. Adding that entrepreneurship is one of the vital drivers of the South African economy, hence people need to give their full support.

NSBC doesn't only look to gain support just from small businesses, consumers and activists, but projects future of lobbying government officials to enhance the movement and larger companies to partner with. 

There are three ways that one could support the Small Business Friday today: 

  • Shop at your local small business
  • Retweet, share and comment on social media
  • Pledge your support on the official website