SA inventor, Orion Herman, has invented a product that is expected to revolutionise the way we look at and interact with sanitation facilities. Photo: Twitter
SA inventor, Orion Herman, has invented a product that is expected to revolutionise the way we look at and interact with sanitation facilities. Photo: Twitter

WATCH: Unlocking hidden value in sanitation – 4th Industrial Revolution in action

By Supplied Content Time of article published Aug 11, 2019

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JOHANNESBURG – South African inventor and innovator Orion Herman, has invented a product that is expected to revolutionise the way we look at and interact with sanitation facilities. Orion, has invented a waterless sanitation solution which allows for the capture of urine at source and then the urine goes through a green process, which creates an end user product, fertilizer. 

The focus is to save precious water resources and create new products from toilet resources (human waste) in a simple and cost-effective manner. LiquidGold was founded in 2016 by the chief executive and Orion Lee Herman, multiple award-winning entrepreneur.

As a young man, Orion enjoyed reading through yellow boarder magazines National Geographic’s. Captured in the beauty and misery of our world yet despondent by the behaviour and attitude of society and communities towards our precious resources. Today, Orion sees himself as a designer, a designer that has created solutions for two of the biggest challenges we face in the world Water and Food. Like a photographer in National Geographic, offering a new lens, a new perceptive a new attitude. 

We save clients water and money through a unique dry gender-neutral sanitation, and now we offer a special process to hygienically collect, store and treat the “liquid Gold “-urine to obtain a valuable resource for agriculture and reduce the net waste pushout by our cities, schools and communities. Ensuring good quality drinking water and discharging less bacteria into rivers and streams. LiquidGold is passionate about the vision of our company, our clients, our city, our environment and our future generation. 


Our Goal is to be the number one company in Dry Sanitation technology and biological recovery solutions in the world, impacting on UN sustainable development goals 6: Water and Sanitation; 5: Gender Equality; 2: Zero Hunger and 12: Responsible consumption and production.

Half of the people living in developing countries do not have access to even a basic toilet. This presents a major risk to public health. Diseases attributable to poor sanitation currently kill more children globally than AIDS, malaria and measles combined, and a little known fact is that diarrhoea is the single biggest killer of children in Africa.

Corporates, schools, communities and the environment are under extreme pressure from the water shortages and outdated sanitation technology. LiquidGolds’ product offering will relieve the demand on freshwater supply in water scarce countries. Our technology caters for gender-neutral safe sanitation to prevent an airborne disease that impacts youth when engaging with outdated Pit Latrines especially impacting on young girls.

LiquidGold Africa is currently on a big drive to help eradicate pit toilets in schools and unlocking the sanitation economy in South Africa, which benefit sustainable job creation through manufacturing and deployment of the e-Container a decentralized dry ablution facility that is completely off grid and cater for 500 children per unit. 

In keeping with the “unlocking the hidden value of sanitation”, we include the monitoring of pH levels of the urine for the detection of possible contaminants or disease as well as fluid levels within the collection tank, making the E Containers the most cost effective and advanced sanitation solution available in the market today.

By including the monitoring capabilities, we can monitor and manage in real time, from a central point, the E Containers deployed in remote locations to ensure continuous operational efficiency. The monitoring is managed through a platform providing analytics and reporting as required.

Furthermore additional modules can be added to provide electrical power and WIFI connectivity to the local school where the E Containers are deployed, uplifting the communities where E Containers are deployed.

The monitoring solution offered can be expanded to include the monitoring of municipal infrastructure such as electrical cable to reduce theft and water networks for leak detection and reducing Non-revenue water within the local municipality. LiquidGold is calling on Government, Corporate South Africa and Individuals to get involved in this initiative.

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