Picture: Newly-appointed Chief Strategy Officer of Exigent, Wayne Ramsay. (Exigent).

CAPE TOWN - Global legal services provider, Exigent has welcomed the appointment of Wayne Ramsay as Chief Strategy Officer. 

Ramsay began his career in 1983, upon completing his Engineering at the College of North West London. He then went on to complete his Diploma at the University of Cape Town (UCT), Graduate School of Business (GSB). Also at UCT, he then completed his Bcom Honours Degree in Information Systems. 

He also has extensive experience in the technology industry. Having worked for companies such as Goldman Sachs, Citi and the Cabinet Office in London, he brings an infinite skill set to Exigent. 

He served a 5-year tenure at Goldman Sachs, 2+2 years Citibank and 4 years in London’s Cabinet Office, all as an independent consultant. 

At Exigent, he will be leading a global team across 4 continents and approximately 400 employees. 

“I cannot help but feel very fortunate.  In his piece in ‘’Hackernoon’’, Erik P.M. Vermeulen spoke about the “Techno-Optimist”. That’s me; I am the eternal optimists who believe that for the most part technology can solve and improve many things. Being in a position to drive change, for me, is exhilarating!”, declared Ramsay. 

He added that “this is a great opportunity which motivates one throughout your career. It is also an area that needs more decisive leadership”. 

Since Ramsay is currently an Exigent board member and previous Chief Operating Officer (COO), he says he will enter his new role the same as he’s always done. This is by viewing the problem through the respective lense of others.

"For me embracing subjectivity is key to positive innovation. Understanding context gives you that", adds Ramsay. 

Exigent’s CEO, David Holme, welcomed Ramsay’s appointment:

"Wayne will help to drive our efforts to make our offering even more compelling, expanding our technology expertise beyond traditional contract management to include new exciting developments like Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence. With smart human resources, the right technology and legal expertise, Exigent can really help forward-looking organisations to continuously improve performance and stay compliant at the same time", said Holmes. 

At Exigent, Ramsay’s focus will be supporting the company’s renewed focus on strategy and consulting services for the C-suite. 

His immediate focus will be to upgrade the concept of Legal Process Outsourcing to include bespoke technology solutions. This new strategy is aimed at improving business performance through legal and financial data. 

Exigent’s ‘innovation lab approach’ will connect clients to technologists, data scientists, and R&D labs to create customised solutions for their needs, says Exigent CEO, David Holme. 

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"We’ve been providing value to global organisations beyond just legal outsourcing for over a decade. But now, with the acceleration in technology advances, we are really at a turning point. You can finally see in practice the amazing improvements you can make to your bottom line if you apply the right technology to the right issue. Companies and legal departments should be able to pick and choose what’s best for them without having to invest heavily in developing the technology themselves. It moves too fast for clients to keep up in a meaningful way", added Holme. 

Apart from overseeing Exigent’s operational strategy, Ramsay enjoys Enduro Mountain Biking as well as a trail running and hiking. Podcasts and audio books fill the gaps in between time spent he spends with his family, says Ramsay. 

Throughout his lengthy career, Ramsay recalls part of the highlights of his career. 

"Consulting for Goldman Sachs in Fleet and Wall Street during the 90's is memorable; or being tasked with the European Y2k remediation programme for Citi Group which was a daunting and thankless task. However, the standout for me before my time at Exigent was my tenure at the Cabinet Office, working under the late Andrew Pinder a great leader and thinker. You see, transforming central government was complex and challenging and tested the best of us. That said, a lot of what is in place today can be attributed to the barriers that were broken down during that period. I am not entirely sure what can be discussed due to the official secrets act, but just for some context, I recall starting the day before the 911 attacks in New York".

"Whatever my remit was on September 10, by September 12 it was all-hands-on-deck to understand the implications that a criticality to the scale of 911 would have on our infrastructure and what that meant for Government and emergency services. Our design and innovative thinking during that period was heavily influenced by the effect the fallout from the attacks had on Wall Street. We were tasked with finding a solution that could be implemented and implemented quickly. Technology took centre stage, and everyone's appetite for novel and innovative solutions were at its most acute". 

A more recent highlight, I would say, was my two-year period in Bangalore India, after Exigent acquired a Legal Tech company. David, Nicola and I ran the due diligence, and I ended up staying to lead the technology and cultural integration. It was during this period that we, relaunched ‘’Chameleon’’ our contract management and business analysis solution”, says Ramsay. 

On Exigent’s plans as a legal services firm, Ramsay says that "It’s not just the speed of technology advances, it’s also the breadth of areas impacted that makes staying competitive really challenging. Businesses must focus on what they do best, not on learning how to stay abreast of the latest technology. Exigent will level the playing field by giving companies access to the tools to participate in the technology revolution, leaving them free to concentrate on their core competency”, concludes Ramsay.  

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