File Image: IOL

SACREMENTO - In its continued fight against fake news on its platform, Tech crunch reported that Facebook has announced it will not allow pages that post fake news, to post ads.

Fake news pages will not be allowed to buy advertising regardless of whether or not the ad includes a link which may be seen as fake news. Facebook has closely been working with outside fact-checkers like Snopes and the AP to identify inaccurate news stories.

Facebook said it is concerned that there are pages posting this information that are using ads to build audiences to spread fake news. By changing the ad policy, it hopes to make it harder for companies to attract that audience and change the economic incentives posters.

Should a page stop posting fake news, it will be able to buy ads again after a while, Facebook said that the ban doesn’t apply to pages which have posted one or two fake posts in the past, but those who continually do so.