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CAPE TOWN - Around 1 million users have downloaded a fake version of WhatsApp which appeared on Google Play. 

Reddit’s forum users noticed that it was a hoax. Users who didn’t notice this and downloaded the fake app ended up with a major amount of adverts rather than a messenger app.

According to Hacker News, the reason this spoof fooled so many people is because whoever created the App and who put it in the Play Store did so under the name “WhatsApp Inc”, which is the same name the maker of the world-famous app uses. However, Fortune Magazine says that it is not the most uncommon incident. 

Fortune points out that when you search for “WhatsApp” on Google Play, it currently shows no fewer than seven spoof apps using slight variations on the developer name “WhatsApp Inc.”

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All of them have four-star review averages, due to Play’s review system. 

So remember to watch out before downloading off Google Play or ask a friend to send you the original App via file sharing apps such as SHAREit. 


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