Leading fuel and lubricants supplier Total South  Africa  will again be exhibiting at the annual ‘Investing in African Mining Indaba’ where it will showcase Total Mining Solutions- an integrated, mining orientated suite of service solutions.


Total South Africa is part of the fifth largest publicly-traded and integrated oil and gas groups in the world with operations in over 130 countries. Total is also the largest petroleum products marketer in Africa with a market share of nearly 14 percent and enjoys a presence in over 40 countries.


As a result of working with mining companies around the world, Total South Africa has developed mining solutions based on a range of high quality products and integrated services. Specifically designed for mining activities, Total Mining Solutions is aimed at adding value to mining companies by maximizing performance, increasing productivity and reducing costs.


“We believe that our main duty is to make sure that mining companies’ equipment is always available for its primary purpose, thereby eliminating much of the risk they face through ensuring that they always have the products they require to run their operations,” said Onward Tubela, Mining Manager at Total South Africa.


Total South Africa also satisfies the engine, hydraulic and transmission liquid fuel needs of many mines in South Africa and elsewhere in Africa.


In addition to supplying fuel for mining fleets and equipment such as generators via its strong fuel depot network, Total South Africa also supplies specific types of lubricants from its Durban refinery and from imports.


Total South Africa’s integrated service solutions:

  • Reduce operational costs relating to energy, lubrication and maintenance;
  • Increase the life expectancy of heavy equipment;
  • Provide an accurate management information system;
  • Maintain high quality and environmental standards; and,
  •  Assists mining companies with their productivity, profitability and competitiveness.


“By adopting this integrated approach, we are able to help mining companies lower their total cost of ownership and markedly increase their efficiency and reliability levels,” explains Tubela.


Essentially, Total South Africa offers its mining customers an all-round ‘pay as you go’ service which includes ordering, delivering, dispensing and billing for all fuel and lubricants related requirements.


Through carefully managed outsourcing, the company also provides on-site logistical expertise to look after stocks and provides product engineers who ensure that the right products are being used for the right applications.


Total South Africa has also developed a set of tools to provide mining companies with the ability to optimise their operations. This ‘toolbox’ includes electronic terminals, a lubricants diagnostic service, a fuel management system, lubricants management and a preventative maintenance system.


According to Tubela, Total South Africa also uses its technical knowledge to train mine personnel regarding the correct use of its products to maximize equipment productivity and avoid equipment malfunction or failure due to incorrect product usage.


“Site visits, lubrication surveys and other proactive measures are taken to ensure that mining companies are making the best use of our products,” he says, adding that Total services and supports mining clients in various parts of Africa.


“Our ultimate aim is to partner with our mining clients to ensure that we meet their specific requirements as effectively as possible and enable them to mine as efficiently and as environmentally-friendly as possible.”