File picture: Leon Lestrade/Independent Media

CAPE TOWN -, a crowdfunding platform powered by Standard bank has raised R1 million during the first month of operation in it's endeavour to help students complete their tertiary education.

The initiative provides innovative access to digital channels to allow individuals and enterprises to securely donate money directly to students to help them complete their studies, and to remain in the loop every step of the way.

Since launching in June 2017, the crawling organisation 25 students have been fully funded through its operations.

Interim CEO of the Feenix Trust and Head of the Standard Bank Incubator, Jayshree Naidoo said: “Thank you to all our donors, individuals and corporates, who have come on board to show their support in improving access to tertiary education for students across the country and, in so doing, change the face of economic transformation in South Africa.”

Feenix is part of a multifaceted strategy by the Standard Bank to develop practical and sustainable ways to help the youth access quality education to deepen knowledge and build skills for the next generation, improving employability and self-employability, and ultimately contributing to South Africa’s economic growth.

The most recent success stories to date include Mpolokeng, currently studying towards her BTech in Taxation at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology.


“Mpolokeng is one of four children, with a total of ten dependants in her family. Her mom is the breadwinner and she was lucky to have been afforded the opportunity to study at a university. Mpolokeng is studying so that she can make a difference in her family and help her siblings to study too”, says Mrs. Naidoo.