At the Rosebank Standard Bank Business Incubator, female entrepreneurs will be presenting their products and services. Photo: File
DURBAN - 52 female entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to present their business products and services at the Rosebank Standard Bank Business Incubator. 

At the incubator the entrepreneurs will be presenting their products or services to representatives from business sectors.  The people from the business sectors are looking for small businesses with distinct skills to include to their supplier lists.  The entrepreneurs will a chance to "speed-pitch" their company and services to corporate sector supply chain executives.  The reward for the women will be an opportunity for their enterprises to be catapulted into a new phase of development and growth. 

Jayshree Naidoo, head incubator at Standard Bank, said that the women are all entrepreneurs representing a wide cross-section of activities and were identified and selected to hone their business skills on two separate accelerated learning programmes.  The programmes were powered by Standard Bank in partnership with Liberty. 

In a competitive market the inability of entrepreneurs to make connections with corporate users of services negatively impacts on their futures and the potential of their businesses. By facilitating meetings between the two parties the final link in the supplier chain is provided.   Then corporate representatives can immediately approach entrepreneurs that offer the services that they need. Which will be followed by meetings and formal business relationships. 

The event that will be held over two days marks the end of the programme and will also tackle the most pressing challenges that entrepreneurs face. 

According to Naidoo the world bank estimates that about 30% of small businesses in developing countries are owned by women.