Image: Bitco CEO, Jarryd Chatz
Image: Bitco CEO, Jarryd Chatz
(Image: Bitco Logo)
(Image: Bitco Logo)

JOHANNESBURG- As we focus on how South Africa is developing digitally in relation to other countries we speak to Jarryd Chatz, CEO of Bitco and what he suggest the future will hold. 

Bitco is an independent national licensed tier 1 internet and telephony provider, that delivers electronic communications over their private Fibre optic and Wireless last mile network. 

According to Jarryd Chatz, in the year 2020 fibre will be become saturated in the Metros with regards to rapid fibre installation and the growth in our country. 

Fibre is going to be the lead internet source in main cities such as Cape Town, Gauteng and Johannesburg. So much so, that fibre is being installed at such a rapid rate that key SA cities will be saturated by 2020. 

There will be little room to install fibre in these cities, as a result service providers will be compelled to look to untapped territories.

Jarryd explains that this is what we can expect in the year 2020:

1.ISPs will battle to provide fibre in rural areas and small towns, largely because of poor infrastructure and distances that need to be covered to reach users.

2. Wireless will still play a role, but fibre will be in the lead.

3.ISP’s will need to look into value added services within the ICT space in order to grow. 

This will increase their customer base as services will be more streamlined. For ISPs such as BitCo, we will see partnerships and mergers with companies that offer cloud base services.