SAN FRANCISCO - has introduced its first waterproof Kindle e-reader. 

The new device is an updated version of the Kindle Oasis.

It now has a faster 4G wireless connection, six-week battery life, and a brighter 7-inch screen, slightly larger than the previous model.

The waterproofing feature allows users the ablility to read at the beach or in the bath tub without worrying about damage, Amazon said.

The 4G internet functionality means users will be able to download books more quickly than on the previous 3G version.

 The new model also has Bluetooth and integrates with Amazon’s Audible service to stream audio books to wireless headphones or speakers.

The 4G version costs $350 and includes 32 GB of storage ( SA prices may differ).

The base model  without 4G capability and with 8 GB of storage costs $250 (SA prices may differ).

Amazon announced in a statement that the Kindle Oasis will be available to pre-order globally.