Gautrain to implement contactless bank card. Photo: Facebook
JOHANNESBURG - Contactless bank cards is the pilot project Bombela has introduced for the Gautrain and linked services.
The project is has been set up to test the viability of using bank cards on the station's tap-and-go card system rather than the normal Gautrain card.

The fee would be deducted from your bank account when your card is tapped at the reader at your destination. Users will also be charged the same way when making retail purchases.

The programme removes the need to carry a Gautrain card as your bank card would be tapped on the service's card readers. To be a part if the programme commuters had to apply and will only be allowed to use their bank card.

The new card readers have been installed at all stations and the bus validators have been upgraded too. Parking gates will also be upgraded but are not a part of the programme.

Due to the system being new, Bombela will refund any overcharges if there has been any error. Passengers who are a part of the programme will still be able to use their normal Gautrain card if their bank card is not accepted.

According to Bombela, should the programme be implemented successfully the Gautrain will be the first public transport system to accept contactless bank cards as payment.

To participate in the programme, applicants must have a compatible bank card. Regular users of the Gautrain and Gautrain bus services have a better chance of being admitted into the programme.

Those who meet the requirements can apply by sending an email to Gautrain Contactless Project Team. They will then get a form that must be completed and submitt personal details and their bank card type.

After the form is submitted, successful applicants will be contacted. You will also need to send your bank number to authorise your card for use on the system. Authorisation will not be necessary once the system is completely implemented.

Those participating the pilot programme will receive a discount on one way trips between Sandton and OR Tambo International Airport which is currently priced at R75.