File Image: (Photographer: Krisztian Bocsi/Bloomberg)

CALIFORNIA - Google announced that it has added a new Donate button to its knowledge graph. 

The Donate button allows you to directly contribute money to nonprofits when searching for them on the web. When you search for a  list of nonprofits, you’ll see a new “Donate” option. 

Tap or click on Donate, and you’ll see an easy donation flow that lets you give to your favorite organisation. However, the organisation also has to enroll with Google for the button to appear. 

According to Google, about 30 percent of charitable donations occur during the holiday season. Its hopes are that the new donate button makes it easier for online shoppers to consider giving, though it is currently live for US-based charities at this time.

In the past, the company has added a similar function during natural disasters. Currently, the option is only available in the US but Google is appealing to all organisations to register for the button. 

"We’re starting with organizations in the U.S. across causes and locales who have opted in through Google for Nonprofits, and we hope that more opt-in moving forward", Google said in a statement. 

"For those organizations who would like to learn more or be a part of this feature, please visit ", says Google.